Keyword Searches for Those of Us Who Don’t Work for Google

We had an interesting call this morning from one of our members.

He asked a question regarding our online directory, stating that he couldn’t find his company in a search, oh for this purpose, let’s say ABC Parts. This member was super nice and concerned about his company not ‘pulling up,’ as he phrased it, when he searched for something in our online directory.

We did a little investigation, easily found his company in the directory, and started to question all of our sanity.

The verdict? Poor content for a keyword search.  man-searching

We are no brainiacs, but we do use analytics for multiple websites and social media on a daily basis, and the nerd in us cares what people are looking  for in their online searches.

Back to the story- said member from ABC Parts searched for ‘marine motors.’  There was no mention of ANYTHING marine OR motors anywhere in his profile. Actually, there was only ‘parts for your boat’ in the description.

When we searched for ‘parts’ we easily found ABC Parts. Which basically means, that no personal computer in the world can find a word about  your company that isn’t there.

Our suggestion? Fatten your copy with industry specific words, as well as layman’s terms for your product or services. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes…remember they’re searching online, and in our case, predominantly South Florida. There are multiple tools and companies that can help you with improving your keyword searches, based on your individual specialties. The “Godfather” of keyword searches is of course Google AdWords, which can act like a barometer to determine the best use of certain content.

Go ahead, force feed all the fancy AND  generic words relating to your business  into a paragraph for our online directory as well as your own website.

Be specific, be patient, be consistent and BE FOUND.

And just for fun, take our survey below, we’re curious about everything!

Happy searching!

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